So you are interested in joining a choir… excellent... you've come to the right place

A male voice choir is just the place for you to let yourself go and enjoy singing with other likeminded men. Although reading music is an advantage, it is by no means essential as we will help you to pick up the music easily in other ways, such as CD’s of your part and a solid support structure. We can also can teach you the basics of music along the way! 

Don’t worry about auditions and the like, joining us is a simple process and certainly needn’t be an uncomfortable one. You will be met with a warm welcome and then have a quick few minutes with our Musical Director where you can make just enough noises for him to decipher where you may fit best within our choir, you will be assigned to a ’section' and a ‘mentor’; someone who will take care of you and help you through your learning. When (and only when) both you and your mentor feel you are ready you can quickly sing something to the MD (away from the choir) and all being well become a full member. You can stay within this process as long as necessary.

Singing is great fun and is healthy for you so come and give it a go, we understand how difficult it can be to join a choir (we’ve all done it at some point of course) and we have endeavoured to make the experience easy, supportive, welcoming and of course; without pressure. C’mon, push yourself and we will do our bit to make you not regret it. We also have a great social life attached to the choir; so sing with other men, learn some music basics, stay healthy and gain some new friends, what could be better? We are actively seeking younger members to keep our choir going for years to come but feel free to join us at any age. See you there!

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You can also help the choir to raise funds using Easyfundraising. Here is an introduction to how it works, and a guide to help you set it up.

Singing for pleasure . . . . . and so much more!


There are a few opportunities to see the choir before we break for the summer – see full details on our concerts page

Wednesday 18th July – Richard Herrod Sports Centre – Gedling Arts Centre – start 7pm

Saturday 21st July – St Marks Churh Woodthorpe – with Woodthorpe Singers  - start 7.30

Saturday 28th July – Gedling Road Methodist Church – Carlton are coming home!!! – start 7.30

Look forward to seeing you there


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