As a member of the audience at the Festival Concert, I’d like to congratulate everyone who took part to make this one of the best ever concerts.

We were brilliantly treated to wonderful, sometimes mesmerising singing from both the Carlton Choir and the outstanding, breath-taking, Cantamus Girls.

Not one of the musical performances failed to delight us and we appreciate the tremendous hard work that has been put into rehearsals week after week. Thank you so much Terry Moore MD, Roger Holland (Accompanist and Deputy MD), Ann Hall (Rehearsal Accompanist). A special thank you to Ann Irons, MD of Cantamus Girls Choir and accompanist, Stefan Reid.

The “Music Makers” Award winner Matt Glendening amazed us all with a fantastic “Fantasia on the Opera La Traviata.” Giuseppe Verdi just happens to be one of my favourite composers along with Mozart so it was also wonderful to hear him join with the Carlton Choir in its rendition of “Stay with me Till Morning”.

I loved the Choir’s new repertoire for this year, especially “Mama Don’t Allow” (very well done, men), “Lean on Me” (Well done Geoff Brooks for the solo part), “God And God Alone” and “Divine Brahma”.

This brings me now to the outstandingly talented girls of the Cantamus. They were exceptional and very deserving of the standing ovation after their “Bridge Over Troubled Waters” and various songs from Kismet. It was a great privilege to be there listening to them and watching the dance arrangements so beautifully performed.

(By the way – can I be the choreographer for the Carlton Choir next year when they must try to achieve a few dance routines! It certainly works for Cantamus!)

Pat Warsop

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