Our 2012 Festival Concert was held on 21st April 2012,  at the Albert Hall, Nottingham.

Below are a few photographs taken on the evening of  the performance.

A review prepared for the Evening Post by reporter Peter Jordan reads:

Enriched by the talents of guest artistes violinist Amanda Bruce and award winning percussion duo Drum Blondes, Carlton Male Voice Choir’s annual Festival Concert – supporting various charities including MAGGIES- hit all the right notes.

The hosts, seventy strong and conducted by the incomparable Terry Moore, unveiled its ambitious new repertoire, a pleasing mix that included Amazing Grace, Mozart’s Gloria, and Circle of Life from the Lion King.

Compered by Howard Ketton, the Festival Concert,is enhanced each year by the presentation of Carlton’s Music Makers Trophy which in 2012 was awarded to multi-talented teenager Amanda Bruce, who also received £500 from main sponsor John Brydon.

Amanda, 18, due to play a starring role in a production of Alan Sillitoe’s classic Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, gave a dazzling show of her versatility, not only playing three violin numbers, but impressing with her solo singing.

Drum Blondes also known as Emily Morris and Claire Hasted, in their own inimitable style showed why they have become a class act demonstrating their expertise in playing drums, marimba, dustbins and cardboard boxes!

The choir, accompanied by Roger Holland and John Sellers, were particularly impressive with renditions of Dvorak’s “Goin’ Home” and Puccini’s” Humming Chorus” and set the seal on a magical night’s entertainment with a rousing version of Bizet’s “Far From Inside the Shrine”.

The Festival Concert, as is tradition, ended in stirring fashion with the massed ranks joining forces to sing “Jerusalem” -what a joy!

Peter Jordan

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The evening begins appropriately with the National Anthem, this being the Queen’s ‘official’ birthday!

The choir surprises the audience with the appearance of Kazoos in an effort to bring the walls 'tumblin' down during their performance of "Josh Meets the Saints".

The choir and audience are mesmerised with a rendition of "Abide With Me" by our guests, "Drum Blondes".

Amanda Bruce is presented with the Music Makers Trophy by Chairman Mike Curtis.

Amanda's solos included "Meditation" on violin, and a vocal of "Think of Me"

Claire and Emily help us to perform "Circle of Life".

The evening comes to an end with Geoff and David leading the choir in the "Pearl Fishers Duet".

Proof that the men in the choir do know how to smile after all!!!

A celebratory drink inevitably concluded with a song or two in the bar!

A number of videos of the choir’s performances at the Festival Concert on 21st April at the Albert Hall, Nottingham, have been uploaded onto the YouTube website, and one of them is available here:

Gonna Rise Up Singing