The choir, being established in 1908, reached its 90th year in1998. We saw it as another milestone in Carlton Male Voice Choir’s progress. What marker could we make or create to celebrate this milestone?

A choir such as ours is always looking for new and particularly young blood to ensure its survival. The idea of creating and presenting a trophy to encourage young musicians was considered and approved. The trophy itself should personify music and music making and we found a bronze by the Irish sculptor Jeanne Rynhart, an international artist born in Dublin who studied there at the National College of Art and is perhaps best known for the Molly Malone Monument in Grafton Street, Dublin.

Other sculptures include a James Joyce bust which graces the New York City Public Library and Oscar Wilde and Dean Swift in the Dublin Writers Museum.  Appropriately our chosen sculpture shows a group “making music” on traditional Irish instruments and we thank Jeanne for her part of our Music Makers trophy.

The sculpture was purchased by the choir and mounted on a plinth by choir member Ron Tansley, making a fine trophy to present to a local music student each April.  A local Nottingham college is invited by Carlton to nominate a student who is judged to have made the most significant progress during the year as a performer.

Jenny Adams 2009 (Photograph courtesy of Peter Jordan)

Over the years we have had some very worthy young musicians who have received the trophy with great pride.  Many have gone on to continue their music studies in greater depth and are on their way to successful musical careers. The recipients have been drawn from a range of disciplines; singing, pianoforte and other musical instruments. Each year the trophy holder performs in concert with the choir. The objective has been fulfilled and seems to work very well, and I am very gratified.

Bob Reast

Life member

Carlton Male Voice Choir

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