Rebecca, with choir and guests, after the concert.

Rebecca provided us with this ‘pen picture’ of herself:

At the age of 14, I had the opportunity of starting clarinet lessons at school.  I had an excellent teacher who encouraged me to take clarinet grade examinations.

I later joined the Nottingham Music School band and choir and particularly enjoyed playing jazz and blues music and performing at concerts.

After successfully completing GCSE Music, I went on to take A Level Music at New College Nottingham.  It was here that I made considerable progress in both performance and theoretical knowledge in music, thanks to two very supportive teachers.  I felt very honoured to be chosen to receive the Music Maker’s Trophy in April 2005.

I have two main interests and they are in music and all aspects of art.   I am currently studying for an Art Foundation qualification at college and will be taking up a University place in September.

My aims for the future are to complete my grade 8 clarinet examination and to join an orchestra or jazz band.