Membership of the Choir is open to all who can hold a tune, can attend rehearsals and are prepared to listen and learn. There are four sections in the Choir; First (or Top) Tenors, Second Tenors, Baritones (First Bass) and Basses (Second Bass).

This page is intended to provide an overview of the induction process for prospective members.

Prospective members join as probationers and attend all choir functions and rehearsals until they are sufficiently proficient in their voice and the current repertoire that they can become full members and appear on stage in concert.

The first visit of a prospective new member is considered an introductory one.  The Membership Secretary will welcome them, introduce them to their Section Leader (the Musical Director will help with assignment to the appropriate section as necessary) and other members of the choir, and loan them a Welcome Pack for the duration of this visit.  The Welcome Pack contains a welcome letter from the Chairman, the music currently being rehearsed and other essential choir details.  In return, the prospective member is asked to provide contact details and, on leaving the first rehearsal, to return the Welcome Pack. On the next visit, it is assumed that they do wish to join the Choir, and the Welcome Pack is returned to them to keep during their time in the Choir.

The Section Leader will assign an experienced choir member and singer to help and guide the prospective member through their probationary period.  Also a CD will be provided to assist in learning their voice part in the songs currently being rehearsed.

The Choir seeks to put on professional and entertaining concerts to a high standard, and to improve on these standards of singing and presentation over time.  This will only be achieved by regular attendance at rehearsals and, when possible, by practice at home between rehearsals.  Members are expected to attend at least 60 percent of the main Wednesday rehearsals and as many extra Friday rehearsals as possible; attendance is monitored on a continuous basis.  Alongside this, members are required to inform their Section Leaders promptly if they are unable to attend rehearsals or concerts for any reason.

Life in the choir is not all work! Rehearsals and concerts are usually followed by a visit to a local hostelry for much needed (and earned) refreshment. The Ladies Support Group organise a number of fundraising events throughout the year including a summer barbecue, cream tea and various quizzes.  Check out the Calendar of Events for upcoming events.  Then there are occasional national or overseas visits, our next being a visit to Germany in 2018.