Take that decision to come along and you will:-

  1. Contribute to the great sound of a big male voice choir
  2. Take part in something which can benefit your health, through improved breathing, reduced stress and overall better well-being
  3. Go on stage in high profile performances at famous venues, as well as intimate concerts for local audiences
  4. Enjoy subsidised concert tours to lands such as Germany, Canada, Holland, Ireland, Greece, Italy and the Czech Republic, as well as weekends away in various parts of the United Kingdom
  5. Help raise thousands of pounds for deserving causes – local, national and international
  6. Become part of a proud history of a choir that celebrated it’s Centenary in 2008
  7. Immortalise your voice as you sing with the choir on its next recording
  8. Enjoy the comradeship of new friends who share a common interest – a love of singing – and strive for a common purpose – the highest possible standard of performance
  9. Have the opportunity to take part in the choir’s busy social life, including events organised by our Ladies Support Group, which raises thousands of pounds for the choir
  10. Get involved in a pastime which can become seriously addictive – just ask any of our members who, once they started singing, simply could not stop!  Here are some of their comments:
    • “I was made very welcome by everyone I met and things have not changed”
    • “The pleasure of singing and the challenge of new music”
    • “Everybody was friendly and encouraging”
    • “The first song made the hair stand up on the back of my neck!”
    • “I wished I’d joined years ago”
    • “I believe, to my great satisfaction, that my singing, has improved and I feel much more confident”
    • “I enjoy Choir tours which are very well organised”
    • “Carlton Male Voice Choir should be available on the NHS!”

    Please do not hesitate to contact our Recruitment Officer if you want further information.