Nigel Slater

The figurehead of the choir!!! – Responsible for choir discipline! – Choir Development Strategies – Lead the executive committee


Vacant Position

Choir Secretary

Danny Horan

Maintains administrative records – Communicates with the choir – Deals with correspondence to and from other choirs/organisations

Marketing Manager

Howard Lloyd

Howard Lloyd – Marketing – promote the choir through high quality media – produce strategy for publicity of/for the choir – ensure effective promotion of concerts – organise tickets and programmes where necessary

Concert Manager

Philip Cartwright

Visits venues to ascertain staging, seating and access requirements for the choir – organise stage management at performances – co-ordinate team to transport equipment to venues

Concert Secretary

Peter Wise

The most important person in the team – without a venue or concert we have nowhere to sing – seek out venues and ascertain their suitability – confirm availability of music team and book concerts – collects the concert fees

Social Secretary

John Warsop

It’s not just about the trips! – but this is a big part of the role – works with the Ladies Support Group to ensure range of social events for the choir – arrange the afterglow!!!

Membership Secretary

Alistair Cook

Maintains records of members of the choir – reports on attendance to the executive committee – works with section leaders to promote attendance

Choir Treasurer

Geoff Brooks

Manages the choir finances – keeps the executive committee informed of choir finances – accepts the money!